Meet Tim & Christopher!

Tim(Left) & Christopher(Right) enjoying Summer Camp.

Meet the Twins! This is Tim & Christopher. These two are a pair but are one of kind! You almost always find them attached at the hip. These two enjoy summer camp and many of our evening activities. We are even lucky enough to have Tim as a maintenance helper in the summer. He is the best grass mower we could ask for. These two are kind, have the best memory and love the South Bend Adam’s Eagles!


Meet Katie!

Katie (middle) and her friends at the bowling ally.

This is Katie! Katie has a killer shoe collection! She is always showing up to Hannah & Friends with bright and unique Converse shoes! She loves coming to Hannah & Friends weekly and participating in our weekend activities. She is loved by all! She loves to sing karaoke, often singing “Sweet Caroline” and changing the lyrics to “Sweet Katie.” She is always giggling about something funny that happened or a joke. We love that Katie doesn’t take life too seriously!


Meet Quinn!

Quinn and Cosmo

Meet Quinn! Quinn is a lover of toy cars, coloring and play practical jokes on everyone. He is the master at bunny ears during a picture! Quinn loves cooking class and attending Day Program at Hannah & Friends with his peers. Quinn is a kind soul and loves to make people smile. When Quinn and his roommates take a walk around property they always stop to say hello to our wonderful horses!


Meet Beth!

This is Beth! Beth is motherly, kind, and compassionate. She is a resident at Hannah & Friends who enjoys bike rides in the gym, coloring and singing karaoke on Tuesday and Friday. She is a great friend to all those around her, especially her dear friend Hannah. Beth takes advantage of all the programming and activities at Hannah & Friends. She enjoys art class, cooking, game time, girls night, dances, karaoke, and many more! Stop by Hannah & Friends to meet Beth!


Meet Scott!

Scott works as a Barn Manager at the Hannah & Friends farm, and is a full time resident of the Bon Jovi Home.

Favorite Color: Blue (The color of his favorite horse, Cosmo’s halter!)

Favorite Restaurant: Hacienda

Scott loves his job caring for all of the horses in the barn, especially Cosmo. He helps brush, bathe, and feed them; but his favorite thing to do is give them treats!


LOGAN to Provide Services for
 Hannah & Friends Neighborhood


SOUTH BEND, Indiana (December 14, 2017) LOGAN Community Resources, Inc. will begin providing residential and adult day services March 1, 2018 at Hannah & Friends Neighborhood in South Bend.


“Many of the adults who participate in programs at Hannah & Friends, also take part in LOGAN programs and services,” commented Matt Harrington, President and CEO of LOGAN.  “So, this is a natural and mutually beneficial evolution of our relationship. LOGAN and Hannah & Friends want the same thing. We want women and men with intellectual and developmental disabilities to realize their full potential in life.”

LOGAN will provide support by trained staff for the men and women living in the four homes in the Hannah & Friends Neighborhood. Support includes assistance and training in daily living skills, and access to community and recreation activities. LOGAN also will provide adult day services.


“Hannah & Friends is proud to be partnering with LOGAN, which has been a fixture in the disability field for nearly 70 years,” said Kayle Sexton, Director of Operations for Hannah & Friends Neighborhood. She also serves on the board of directors for its parent agency, Hannah & Friends. “LOGAN feels the same way we do about providing quality of service and life for individuals who have different abilities – including their families.”


LOGAN currently operates 28 residential homes throughout the South Bend/Mishawaka area for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Adding the four homes in the Hannah & Friends Neighborhood will bring the total number to 32.


“Charlie and I are thrilled about the collaboration between Hannah & Friends and LOGAN,” said Maura Weis, Founder, Executive Director and Chair of the Hannah & Friends board of directors. “Working together on this project will lead to great things in the future.”


LOGAN will expand its Studios at LOGAN program to provide adult day services on the Hannah & Friends Neighborhood campus. The Studios, currently offered at LOGAN Center and LOGAN Industries in South Bend, is a weekday program through which age and skill-level appropriate activities engage men and women creatively, socially and mentally.


“It’s exciting to expand The Studios at LOGAN onto the campus of Hannah & Friends Neighborhood,” added Cheryl Schade, Vice President and Chief Program Officer for LOGAN. “This partnership will create more opportunities and enhance the quality of services for individuals and families served by both agencies.”



LOGAN is a not-for-profit organization that offers resources and opportunities to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they, and their families, may achieve their desired quality of life. Since 1950, LOGAN has reached out to friends and families with help and hope through advocacy, resources and services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization invites people in our community to join in this mission by opening their doors and their hearts to Discover the Potential in all of us. For more information, visit



About Hannah & Friends Neighborhood

Hannah & Friends Neighborhood is a non-profit organization located on a 40-acre residential community along Hollyhock Road, north of South Bend, Indiana. Maura and Charlie Weis founded its parent organization, Hannah & Friends, in recognition of their daughter Hannah. The mission of Hannah & Friends is to improve the quality of life for children and adults with special needs. Hannah & Friends offers recreational and life skills programs for children and adults, as well as residential services for adults, all at the Hannah & Friends Neighborhood in South Bend. Hannah & Friends also operates a grant program, Hannah’s Helping Hands, to provide quality of life grants for families with individuals with special needs in Indiana, the Michiana area, New York, Rhode Island, and Florida. For more information, visit


From the Desk of Maura & Charlie

Dear Friends & Donors,

We hope everyone had a great summer and are ready for the arrival of Fall and Winter.  We at Hannah and Friends are ready and looking forward to finishing off 2017 with some enjoyable cooler days at day program, dances and evening programs.  Our summer was filled with fun for our day program participants and campers, and our fall semester has already begun with a wide range of programs from guitar to basketball.  Thanks to our Hannah & Friends board members including, Andrew Entwistle, Dave Mayfield, Tom Mrva, and Charlie, we soon will be able to enjoy a brand new commercial playground!

Before we go on, we want to give a shout out to Kayle, Amanda, Sarah, Tiffani, Jetta & Jennifer for coming up with creative fun activities and for keeping all of our special people safe and happy.  They work really hard to make sure everything is perfect and organized for things to run smoothly and they have the right hearts to make it happen.  We also want to thank our volunteers and interns who allow us to opportunity to offer as many programs as we do, they help us make it happen.

On a personal note, we would like to let everyone know that, although we love Florida and will continue to live here in the fall and winter, we will be spending our summers back in South Bend.  We miss Hannah so much and the heat and hurricanes are a little too much for us.  We can’t wait for next spring to move back and spend some time with Hannah and everyone.

Please keep us in mind for your end of year donations.  We really appreciate your donations and we will make sure your money goes directly to our mission.  We spend wisely on everything we do and purchase. We know the value of your dollar.

Our 2018 golf tournament will be held in Miami, FL again over Presidents weekend, Feb 17 and 18th.  It’s such a great time and if you have never gone you will not be disappointed. The sports celebrities that come every year make it really fun for the golfers.  We promise it’s a weekend that you will remember forever.  It’s also a great gift idea.

We look forward to seeing you next spring and hope you all have a great fall & winter.  Thanks for all that you do to help Hannah and Friends.

Best Wishes,

Maura & Charlie Weis



March is Disabilities Awareness Month

March is Disabilities Awareness Month. Show your support for people with different abilities by donating to Hannah & Friends during the month of March. Money raised will go towards supplies needed for our camps this summer. Our summer camps runs for 7 weeks during June and July. The activities, crafts, guests and games each week are centered around a specific theme. Some of the themes include: Fun & Fitness, Movin’ & Groovin’, Art-Rageous, Science Alive!, and Splish Splash.

This year’s Disability Awareness Month theme – “I’m Not Your Inspiration” – emphasizes that people with disabilities are people first. They are co-workers, classmates and neighbors who want to be fully included in their communities – just like everyone else. We will be highlighting all of the amazing things our participants are doing in the community, so make sure to check back regularly.

Please consider making a donation in the month of March to help us further our mission to raise Awareness & Compassion for people with different abilities and provide a meaningful experience for them in the summer. Check out the video below from last year’s summer camp!

To donate to our campaign, click here.



Meet Miss Maggie

Favorite Color: Black, because her favorite dress is black

When Maggie grows up she wants to be a mom

Favorite Song: Just Like Fire, Alice Through The Looking Glass

At summer camp Maggie loves to play basketball and volleyball with her friends

Favorite Restaurant: Hacienda

Best Camp Memory: Singing High School Musical during our dance party


Home Sweet Home: Essential Special Needs Home Repairs

By Paul Denikin


Photo via Pixabay by Steve Buissinne


Safety starts in the home. It’s the place where you can let your guard down. You should be able to bake chocolate chip cookies, curl up on your couch with a good read, and dance around in your room to your favorite song with complete confidence that you are comfortable and secure. However, if your child has a disability or special health care needs, creating a safe, comfortable home might require some special modifications. Comfort and accessible are synonymous when it comes to home safety. Renovating some key areas in your house can evoke a sense of freedom and security for the entire family. Here are a couple of places to start:


Approaches, Landscapes, and Doorways

Your rooms can be as comfortable as possible, but it won’t make a difference if you and others can’t easily enter, exit, and move around the house. Instead of stairs, ramps and/or lifts are a good alternative. Ramps are generally less expensive, more reliable, and less prone to breakdowns. If the amount of space from one level to the next is too large for a ramp, there are many types of lifts, like inclined platforms, vertical platforms, and stair lifts.

If your house needs to be wheelchair accessible, your doorways should be at least 36 inches larger to allow for easy maneuvering. If 36 inches isn’t possible, 32 inches will work as well, but that is the minimum amount of space needed. Consider installing either wide throw hinges or swing clear hinges, both of which can add more space in the doorway. In some cases, a door might not even be necessary. Door handles and locks might need to be readjusted to a lower height.

On the exterior, level the ground and remove potential hazards so everyone can enjoy the space. Create paths friendly to wheelchairs, walkers with poor mobility, or those with impaired vision. For doors that lead outside, minimize the size of doorsteps and thresholds and remove doormats. For added safety measures, carve out a peephole or small view panel in the door at an accessible height.


Friendly Flooring

This is one of the most important repairs, and should be a consideration for every room. The material needs to be durable, smooth, firm, easily cleanable, and not prone to buckling or bunching. Some material that is both practical and affordable is vinyl, cork (though not for wheelchairs), or laminate. A better floor can prevent trips and slips, and if your child happens to fall, prevents major damages to their body.   


Lights Please

All controls for electrical appliances are reachable, like light switches, outlets, or thermostat controls. Sometimes, the direction of the lighting may need to be redirected, or the fixtures may even need to be changed. A remote system works well for things like ceiling fans.



Some rerouting in terms of plumbing may be necessary. Sinks should be higher than usual so a wheelchair user can roll straight under without reaching or stretching. Instead of using bulky cabinets for storage, install in-wall compartments for maximum space. Install grab bars near the toilet and in the shower. Raise the level of toilets and provide a completely level surface for showers to allow direct walk in or roll in entry.



For more ideas, visit some of these sights:

Being mindful of how your child moves around the house, how they feel when they’re at home, and other stimulating features can make the difference for the entire family. The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. There are numerous resources to get funding, find the right person to renovate, and support the emotional needs of everyone involved. Creating a comfortable and safe home is achievable.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.