From the Desk of Maura & Charlie


Dear Friends & Donors,

We hope everyone had a great summer and are ready for the arrival of Fall and Winter.  We at Hannah and Friends are ready and looking forward to finishing off 2017 with some enjoyable cooler days at day program, dances and evening programs.  Our summer was filled with fun for our day program participants and campers, and our fall semester has already begun with a wide range of programs from guitar to basketball.  Thanks to our Hannah & Friends board members including, Andrew Entwistle, Dave Mayfield, Tom Mrva, and Charlie, we soon will be able to enjoy a brand new commercial playground!

Before we go on, we want to give a shout out to Kayle, Amanda, Sarah, Tiffani, Jetta & Jennifer for coming up with creative fun activities and for keeping all of our special people safe and happy.  They work really hard to make sure everything is perfect and organized for things to run smoothly and they have the right hearts to make it happen.  We also want to thank our volunteers and interns who allow us to opportunity to offer as many programs as we do, they help us make it happen.

On a personal note, we would like to let everyone know that, although we love Florida and will continue to live here in the fall and winter, we will be spending our summers back in South Bend.  We miss Hannah so much and the heat and hurricanes are a little too much for us.  We can’t wait for next spring to move back and spend some time with Hannah and everyone.

Please keep us in mind for your end of year donations.  We really appreciate your donations and we will make sure your money goes directly to our mission.  We spend wisely on everything we do and purchase. We know the value of your dollar.

Our 2018 golf tournament will be held in Miami, FL again over Presidents weekend, Feb 17 and 18th.  It’s such a great time and if you have never gone you will not be disappointed. The sports celebrities that come every year make it really fun for the golfers.  We promise it’s a weekend that you will remember forever.  It’s also a great gift idea.

We look forward to seeing you next spring and hope you all have a great fall & winter.  Thanks for all that you do to help Hannah and Friends.

Best Wishes,

Maura & Charlie Weis


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