The Future of Hannah and Friends - Hannah and Friends


Dear Friends,

We hope all is well for you and your families as you prepare for the holidays. Very exciting things have been going on at Hannah and Friends and we would love to share them with you. We have sold the land and buildings at Hannah and Friends Neighborhood to Logan Center. We are consolidating our two charities into one, dissolving Hannah and Friends Neighborhood while keeping Hannah and Friends Inc.

We are very proud of what has been created by Hannah and Friends Neighborhood and all the people who have worked for us, volunteered for us, and donated to us. Without your help we could never have done this and we especially needed God and Mary’s help as well. We feel like they are always watching over our special people and land.

Logan Center has been in the community for many decades and we know that they will do a fantastic job of continuing their services, programs, camps, and — most importantly — further growth. They will really take it to another level.

As for Hannah and Friends Inc., we will continue and expand our Grant Programs. We will start new and exciting horse therapies. We are super excited for this and feel like we can help in different and much needed ways. This past fall, we had a day for the Veterans at the barn and it was amazing. Such a great day for them, our barn managers, and myself. We had so much fun showing them the grounds, having lunch with them, and of course introducing them to the horses. We plan on continuing this and creating a program for them this spring. We would also like to start our program for the residents and day programmers again as well once the weather gets better.

Thank you for your support and a special shout out has to go to Dick Nussbaum who has volunteered countless hours to make this happen and many other hours on other endeavors for Hannah and Friends. Also to Kayle Sexton who has run Hannah and Friends for the last bunch of years — creating programs, installing the day program, and, most importantly, has been a friend for every special person involved with Hannah and Friends. Kayle will continue on with Logan and we know she will continue being amazing for the Logan Center!

Best Wishes,

Maura & Charlie Weis

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