About Us

Our Mission

Hannah and Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults with special needs.


Awareness and Compassion

The organization fosters an ongoing campaign of “Awareness & Compassion” for all individuals with special needs. Individuals with special needs deserve the same respect as everyone else and it is our mission to educate others who do not understand this mindset.


About Hannah

Hannah is a beautiful, happy, twenty two year old young lady. She loves listening to music, watching DVDs, and sleeping in when she can, just like anyone else her age. On June 8, 2013, she moved into the Entwistle Family Home at Hannah and Friends. Although she misses being at home with mom and dad, she has transitioned wonderfully. She attends the new Day Program and will come over often for dances and karaoke. She enjoys frequent visits in her home from mom, dad, Charlie and Jennifer. Her favorite color is purple … just like her fave dancing dinosaur, Barney!

HannahCharlieBeing the inspiration for Hannah and Friends, everyone from staff, residents, program participants and volunteers love when she is present. The twinkle in her eyes and her vibrant
smile light up the entire neighborhood. When Hannah turned her spade at the groundbreaking for Hannah and Friends neighborhood, that “Hannah Magic” became the driving force that makes this organization and community so very special. Nobody can raise awareness and compassion for our friends with different abilities like Hannah … and Friends!


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About the Weis Family

Hannah and Friends was founded by Charlie and Maura Weis in 2003 and was inspired by their daughter Hannah.

To read the latest from the Weis Family, visit our News section, From the Desk of Maura & Charlie Weis.


Hannah’s Helping Hands Grant Program

Hannah and Friends provides support for a program called Hannah’s Helping Hands, which funds quality of life grants for Florida, Indiana, including the greater Michiana area, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island families that care for children and adults with special needs. The grants provide low and moderate-income families with stipends that may be used for a wide variety of supports related to their family member.

For more information regarding Hannah’s Helping Hands, please click here.

Hannah & Friends Neighborhood

The organization provides funding for the construction and ongoing operations of a neighborhood where residential homes provide a community for adults with special needs. Hannah & Friends Neighborhood also provides recreational programs for children and adults with special needs.

For more information regarding Hannah & Friends Neighborhood, please click here.

Help us fulfill our mission to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs.

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