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Pedro has crossed the Rainbow

   Pedro crossed the rainbow


Our Pedro has crossed the Rainbow, RIP. We will miss you at Hannah and Friends, thank you for the beautiful moments. Thank you Beth, Maddy, Jules and Riley for taking such a good care of him. For being there with him when he crossed over, Til’ we meet again sweet boy. You will be missed.

Maura Weis.

Nacho is the horse of the month!



Nacho is a beautiful pony who was found by Maura Weis on-line in a kill pen in Pennsylvania. He caught her eye and he was only 7 years old at the time, way too young to end up that way.  So she adopted him for Hannah and Friends. He spent a month in quarantine and then he was able to come to our farm.  As you can see he was very skinny and lacked medical care and grooming.  It’s a sad fact that the US ships out over 200 thousand horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.  Hopefully, someday this cruel ending for horses will not happen here in our country.  

Fast forward to today!  Nacho enjoys his life at the farm and has been here for 7 years, he is well cared for and loves attention!  He is a beautiful boy who has a happy life and the residents love him very much.  You are welcome to come meet him and the other beautiful horses as well as Beth our barn manager and our friendly staff.  That is Nachos’s story not a great beginning but it ended up perfect.


Snowball is the Horse of the month!

Our horse of the month is Snowball!!!

Snowball is a adorable large miniature horse who has a amazing personality. He is full of life, loves attention, carrots, our staff, residents and visitors. I purchased him a few years ago when he came to my attention from one of our barn personnel at the time. She said the owner was selling him and his price if I remember right was $400.00. I personally bought him for H & F’s because his personality came thru the photo and said “please buy me”!!!
I am so glad we did because the mini’s are big horses in a little body. He is great about being groomed by our participants, leads great for walks and loves all of us. He is a perfect size for our smaller people and he is a true gentlemen. His previous owner had said he was a handful but we in all of these years have never seen that in him at all. We just love Snowball!!

Here are some pics of Snowball and one of our participants Connelly working with him and the other horses.

Have a great Holiday Season!
Mrs. Weis

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