Activity Center - Hannah and Friends

Teddy’s Activity Center at Hannah & Friends Neighborhood opened in July 2014! This building allows us to offer more programs and activities for our residents and participants with different abilities, especially more fitness and active programs during the wintertime. Participants enjoy riding bikes, playing basketball, and participating in Zumba in the new activity center.

Click here to view photos of the activity center progress.

Click here to view photos of the open house at Teddy’s Activity Center.



Leave Your Print at the New Activity Center

Purchase a handprint for our new activity center at the Hannah & Friends Neighborhood! The handprints will be displayed as artwork in the entryway of the new building. Proceeds help support the construction of the activity center and the operations of programs and activities for children and adults with different abilities in the new building! Click here for an order form and details.


Donate Supplies for the Activity Center!

$100 – Provide $100 of books, toys and smiles
$250 – Provide sports equipment to keep Hannah & Friends active and in the game
$500 – Provide 1 adaptive bicycle and share the memory of learning to ride
$1000 – Provide chairs to help Hannah & Friends rest our dancing feet
$1500 – Provide tables to assist Hannah & Friends in hosting some of our biggest celebrations
$2000 – Provide a weekly fitness/Drums Alive instructor to assist Hannah & Friends in perfecting our moves

$2500 – Provide iPads for participants to communicate and learn
$3000 – Provide sensory equipment to stimulate and excite all senses
$5000 – Provide a sound system to compliment Hannah & Friends’ love for music and karaoke

Donations are accepted via check or Paypal. Please send a check or money order made out to Hannah and Friends to:

Hannah and Friends

51250 Hollyhock Road

South Bend, IN 46637

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.