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Charlie Weis Starts Hannah & Friends Charity After Near-Death Incident

August 21, 2012

by Kevin Jeffers

Kansas Jayhawks coach Charlie Weis has used his high profile as a football coach to help a lot of others since starting his Hannah & Friends charity in 2003. It took him nearly dying in 2002 to want to do so much good for others, as tells.

Weis was in the hospital and even in a two-week coma with complications from gastric bypass surgery in 2002 after winning a Super Bowl as an assistant with the New Englad Patriots. After he survived, his brush with death inspired him and his wife, Maura, to try and help other people. Hannah & Friends — named after their own daughter who battles a rare form of epilepsy — was born.

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About Hannah and Friends

Hannah & Friends is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults with special needs.


Family matters: Health scare led to Weises’ charity

August 20, 2012

by Matt Tait

When Charlie Weis nearly died, hundreds of people got the chance truly to live.

In June of 2002, Kansas University football coach Charlie Weis, then an assistant with the New England Patriots, lay in a hospital bed in great pain and grave danger.

At his bedside was his wife, Maura; a Catholic priest walked into the room.

“She was watching me almost die,” Weis recalled of Maura and the time when complications from gastric-bypass surgery nearly killed him. “She saw me getting last rites. The doctor came out and said I was done.”

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Thanks extended to Hannah’s ‘Friends’

August 1, 2012

By The Valley Breeze Newspapers

The 7th annual Hannah & Friends benefit took place on July 15 at Effin’s Last Resort in Smithfield. It was a family fun day, bike day, car cruise and volleyball tournament. Because of everyone’s dedication we once again are able to provide Hannah’s Helping Hands grants to Rhode Island families who care for children with special needs.

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KU Coach Weis talks bagels, family, and a cause dear to his heart

By Christa Dubill

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Charlie Weis has quite the football history. You can read about it just about anywhere on the internet.

But what about Charlie the husband, the dad, and the bagel connoisseur?

Weis says his wife is more than his wife; she’s his best friend.

“How many guys can, after 20 years, say their closest friend is their wife,” Weis said with a smile on his face and little glint in his eye. “She’s great!”

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