Be a Friend


What is the Be A Friend Program?

Be a Friend is an educational program and presentation that teaches students the importance of treating individuals with developmental disabilities with greater respect. The program aims to overcome the stigma that individuals with different abilities should be feared and ignored.


If you are interested in Hannah and Friends coming to your school to give a presentation, please contact to find out more and schedule a presentation. Presentations can be scheduled in the Michiana area.

The presentation is geared towards grades 3-5 and is 30-45 minutes, but can be adapted to fit your group. We will provide interactive activities, a short video/skit, a question and answer period as well as allow students to take a pledge to “Be a Friend” and receive a pledge card in return.

Be A Friend Video

This video is part of our Be a Friend educational presentation, to get students thinking about the things that make each person different. These differences and different abilities make us who we are and they make us special. Thank you to all of our Hannah & Friends residents, participants, volunteers and ServabilityCorps members who helped make this video possible!

Be a Friend Pledge Map

People across the country (and the world!) have signed the Be a Friend pledge – have you?

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Sign the Pledge

Hannah and Friends has collected signatures from across the world for our Be a Friend pledge. We encourage everyone to make a commitment to be a friend to individuals regardless of their ability. Now it is your turn – take the pledge to show compassion to individuals with special needs.

Show your support and pledge to Be a Friend to individuals with different abilities!

Be_a_Friend_Pledge_CardDownload your own Pledge Card in PDF or JPEG format.

I will do my best to be a friend to all. I will show compassion to everyone I interact with, because everyone has different abilities and deserves to be treated with respect. To be a friend, I will create an environment that includes everyone, and raise awareness for those with special needs by bring a friend to them. I will “Be a Friend” everyday!

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