Pedro is the horse of the month, - Hannah and Friends


Pedro was actually my show horse who I bought when he was 11, he is 25 years old now.  Pedro was my first dressage horse and was and still is the most amazing horse I ever rode.  He was super talented, way more talented than my skills at the time but he always took care of me.  He was my dream horse and my birthday gift when I turned 50, my best present ever!!

When we moved to Kansas, Florida and then back to Kansas my entire barn came with us.  All six horses and a barn cat came with us, we were  like the circus coming to town.  It was not easy for the horses and especially for my daughter Hannah.  Moving a child with special needs is very difficult because change is something that Hannah absolutely hated.  When Coach retired we moved to Florida to a town that hosts the most horses in the world in the winter time.  Pedro after three years was not sweating and was getting bacterial infections from this environment.  Unfortunately it happens to some

horses here and they must move to a cooler climate to survive.  After the third infection I knew he had to go back to South Bend and live at H & F’s.

Pedro has lived at Hannah and Friends for three years now and he is very happy. Getting excellent care from Beth our barn manager, Maddy, Jules and Riley.  The weather has been a game changer for Pedro.  He loves the visitors, residents and day programers so much.  It is amazing to me to see him thrive there, be healthy and happy.  And that is our horse of the month “Pedro”!



Pedro at the barn


Pedro & Maura

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