Sadie is the horse of the month - Hannah and Friends


Sadie is our horse of the month! She has been with us at Hannah and Friends since 2007. She was one of the first horses to move into our barn. At that time we were not taking horses in yet but a e-mail I received changed all of that. It was a plea for help for Sadie, the lady who owned her started a program for teenagers with Autism to ride on trails. Unfortunately it did not work out for her financially and Sadie had to go, it was us or an auction in Ohio. An auction horse can end up in the slaughter house and maybe just maybe a good home but Sadie was very overweight at the time. It probably would not have ended well for her. Still something in her plea made me want to meet Sadie.
So I set off to meet Sadie and she was in this field with another animal maybe a pig I really do not remember. She was big, very big but beautiful and had the biggest most beautiful , soulful brown eyes. She is a draft, quarter horse mix. I talked to her owner who wanted to surrender her to us and after she told me how amazing Sadie was I with the kids I decided to bring her to Hannah and Friends.
We are so happy we have her with us and give her such a great life. She has been invaluable to us as she is so patient and loving. She is now 22 and getting older but still beautiful and loving. Keeping the other horses in line especially the boys. We just love her so much and we would love visits to the barn to see Sadie in person and say “hello”!!

Have a great month,

Maura Weis

Keeping the boys in line
Sadie with our Veterans 

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