Celebrating an Extra Chromosome

This month we are celebrating Down Syndrome Awareness month by highlighting some of our participants at Hannah & Friends.


Meet Tiffani


What makes you different from everyone else?

“What makes me different is that I am special in my own way and I am capable in making a difference in not only my life but in other peoples lives by showing them I am compassionate and loving and devoted in what I do best. In my gifts and talents I can do many things like ballroom dancing, I can sing, I can dance.” 

Who is your hero & why?
“My mom is my hero because she is a single mother who takes care of 5 kids and also raises her grandchildren. I look up to her as a mother and a grandmother and an everyday hero. She is such an amazing person so I really appreciate that the most. I don’t say this enough but I love her like a love song.”
What is your job at Hannah & Friends? 
“That is a good question! I am the tour coordinator and spokesperson. I am here to help raise our mission of awareness and compassion and for those who have different abilities. I go out into the community and go to service fairs, resource fairs and I promote Hannah & Friends.” 
What do you love about Hannah & Friends?
“I love being around everyone who has different abilities and that I get to do many programs and activities with them. I also like to be a part of our mission by taking the dis out of disabilities. That’s what I love.” 

Meet Veronica

If you had to pick, do you like karaoke or dance at Hannah & Friends better? 
Karaoke, I like to sing Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift.
Why is Taylor Swift your hero?
She is my favorite because she lives in New York, she has a lot of friends, and does lots of concerts.
What is your favorite dessert?
Chocolate mountain mudslide from Hacienda
What is your biggest accomplishment?
Being at Hannah & Friends and running for President!


Meet Charlie

IMG_3020 (1)


His favorite program at Hannah & Friends:

Music and Movement

Who I like to hang out with:

My mom

Favorite Food:

Eating (cheeseburgers)

Biggest Accomplishment:

Working with Habitat for Humanity & sweeping, cleaning and dusting for mom.

Meet Rachael


IMG_2979 (1)

What I enjoy most about Hannah & Friends:

Art class, cooking class, Green Bridge Growers, and cooking class (She really likes this program!)


My neighbor, Clare.

Favorite Hobbies:

Riding my bike around Hannah & Friends with my staff Donna.

Biggest Accomplishment:
Moving into Hannah & Friends and working at Marshall-Starke two days a week!

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  1. Tiffani Amberg | October 7, 2015 at 2:43 pm

    Rachael gates is my friend and my hero who always shares her talent though her passion .

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