From the Desk of Maura & Charlie Weis


Dear Friends,

Once again, it’s time for our fall newsletter, I still cannot believe how fast time goes by. This past summer at Hannah and Friends went so quickly with so many activities for our residents and program participants. Camp was amazing as the kids and adults had a blast this summer. It was another summer that participants had somewhere safe to go and enjoy their friends that they have made over the years. I can remember summers where Hannah had nowhere to go. She had only two weeks of a school program and the rest of the summer was videos and a dip in the pool by herself. That is the sad reality for kids with special needs during the summer but not here at Hannah and Friends, not anymore. I would like to thank our interns from our local colleges for their hard work and their passion for our special kids and adults. We could not have a successful camp without them, they are amazing.

Our golf tournament was successful and as always so much fun. Special thanks to our sports celebrities
who come every year without fail and make it one of the best tournaments around, we cannot thank
you enough. Thanks to our amazing sponsors and supporters. Next year, we will be returning to
Charleston, South Carolina to mix things up and have fun in one of the best places in America.
Please sign up early so we can save a foursome for you. We had so many great events this summer,
please look in our newsletter to see each of them. Special thanks to all our volunteers who make
each event a success.

I want to especially thank the Govoni Family for building Teddy’s Activity Center and attending the
Opening House this summer. Everyone was thrilled to meet you and thank you in person for donating
this amazing building. Your family has made a tremendous difference in the lives of all of our folks.
Now they have a place to go to and play basketball, ride a bike, run around, enjoy the sensory room
and stay warm and active in the winter. We use it all of the time and thank you for your generosity.

We like to get our newsletter out early and hope you enjoy it and think of us for your year-end
donations. We cannot thank you enough for your support and donations which help run our programs,
summer camp, and after school programs. All of these programs help us continue to further our
mission to give kids and adults with special needs a great life. It also provides a special place for
families to join in the fun and feel free to enjoy their time with their special person without judgment.
Every person at Hannah and Friends loves and understands our special population. It also provides
opportunities for families who otherwise could not afford for their child to go to programs to be
able to participate in fun activities. We welcome any levels of support as all donations are greatly
appreciated and are put to great use.

Have a great fall and winter, hopefully this year it will not be as cold.

God bless you and your families.
Maura & Charlie

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