From the Desk of Maura & Charlie Weis


Dear Friends,

We hope all is well with you and your families. Spring is almost here now in South Bend thank God and we are really grateful to be over the past winter. Spring is a time to renew ourselves and think about all the things in life that we are grateful for, the blessings from God that we have. Looking back at the start of Hannah and Friends, this was just a dream we came up with. A place that was special and blessed where people with special needs could live a life that was full and happy. A place where families could bring their loved ones and enjoy a sanctuary where their child could be appreciated for who they are and the things they can do and not think about the things they can’t do. Looking back, we think it is a miracle that Hannah and Friends has become the place we are writing about, the place where there is peace and happiness.

So when I say we are grateful, I say this to you the people who made this and continue to make this happen. The family who anonymously built the Activity Center, the celebrities who give their time which is precious to make our golf tournament one of the best, the Archer family who keeps our farm and animals going and the sponsors who year after year continue to support our events, and the folks whose small donations add up to making big differences. So many people have made this charity what it is today. Believe me we appreciate every penny we get donated.

Our employees are not getting rich working for Hannah and Friends, but they have the heart, the soul, and the work ethic to make it the best place for kids and adults. For my husband who has donated his time tirelessly over the years. We are so grateful for every one of you and especially to God for looking over our special folks and providing for us.

This Spring is a time of thanks and we want you to know that all of our residents, program participants, and everyone who is touched by Hannah and Friends are grateful to you. Please continue to support Hannah and Friends. We could and would not be here without you.

Happy Spring from all of us at Hannah and Friends,

Maura & Charlie

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