From the Desk of Maura & Charlie Weis


Dear Friends,

After a long winter in South Bend, we are all thrilled that Spring has finally arrived. A little late, but that’s okay. I know the residents and program participants are anxious to get outside again to play some basketball, go to the playground and have some hayrides. Because the winters are so tough and the kids need a place to let off some steam, we are working on building an Activity Center right in the Neighborhood. This way the kids can ride their bikes, shoot some hoops, run around and have some fun in the wintertime. We are all excited about this new addition to the Neighborhood.

Another great addition is going to be a greenhouse which Charlie & I are donating in my mother’s name. She loved Hannah and was a great grandma. We would like to honor her in this special way. The greenhouse will be great because it will provide an opportunity for the residents and program participants to engage in a great learning experience. It will also provide food for our residents and create jobs with maintaining the greenhouse and selling the vegetables.

We are excited to share that our daughter Hannah and three other young ladies will be moving into the Entwistle Home this June. Charlie and I are not sure if we will have a tougher time adjusting without Hannah than she will be without us. One thing we do know is that they will all have a great life. They will have dances, birthday parties, programs and a full life with friends and people that love them for who they are. All of our residents and participants are cherished and appreciated. They are respected and cared for and that’s what we want for our daughter and all of our residents.

Hannah & Friends could not have happened if not for the generous donations through the years from so many great folks. It started as a vision Charlie & I had ten years ago and grew into a reality in a short time because of caring people like yourselves. We have lived in many places, but I can tell you that there is no place like Hannah & Friends. It’s truly a gift from God. Special thanks to Peter Schivarelli and the band Chicago, Frank Eck who has since passed on but is thought of often, Entwistle Family, Jon Bon Jovi for generously singing at our event in New York, Trustey Family, Martin’s Super Market, Archer Family, Scott Malpass, Dick Nussbaum, and Asia Gajderowicz, and all our board members. I would also like to give special thanks to my husband who has tirelessly fund raised all these years.

This is a big year for us as we celebrate our “10 Year Anniversary of Hannah & Friends.” This year’s golf tournament certainly will be special. It will be held in Kansas and as always we have our sports celebrities donating their valuable time to be there for our special friends. This will be the best golf tournament yet. Special thanks to Pat Weis and his friends at Intel and IBM for their generous sponsorship of the golf tournament each year.

One last announcement is we will be starting Day Program this June. Young adults who are finished with school will have a place to learn, have fun and grow. We are partnering with our friends at Mosaic to accomplish this new program. It has long been a dream of both non-profits to create a special environment to make this happen. I also want to thank Mosaic and its staff for taking such great care of our residents all year round. We would also like to thank our staff Katie, Kathy, Wes, Sharon & Kevin for all their hard work to create all the great things that happen at Hannah & Friends.

As we turn to the future, it looks very bright for Hannah & Friends. We thank you for all of your contributions and pray that you still keep us in mind always. It could not have happened without you. The government on both sides cut out the special needs population for one reason, the majority cannot vote. This is why we need your continued support. Please know that all the donations go directly to the care of our special friends. We are a non-profit organization you can be proud to donate to and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Have a great spring and summer!!

Warm regards,

Maura & Charlie

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